Udyat is a not for profit organization registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013, striving to undertake microfinance activities in the areas of water and sanitation and livelihood generation. The company is created with the objective to meet the unmet working capital requirements of the small enterprises that are proving themselves to be key drivers for water and sanitation projects in the country. The company finances the enterprises and individual interested parties whose cash flow allows them to construct toilets at their households and repay our loan within the stipulated time period.

UDYAT is committed to boost small entrepreneurs to generate income and increase their business in sanitation through microfinance.

The objective is to empower sanitation projects in India and help to develop sanitation facilities in rural areas. The idea is to build sustainable sanitation programs through microfinance.

Lack of access to financial system limits the ability of women to contribute to family's income and decision making. Women having money in hands would likely to be invested in the needs of family. Udyat also provides collateral-free credit to women. Such loans are used to support income-generating activities. It also envisages to include the non-sanitation loan products for small enterprises in Non-Farm-Sector.